Federal, State and Local Government Affairs

In today’s highly-regulated world, governments at every level are increasingly involved in decisions that impact corporations, non-profits, and institutions. Organizations of all kinds can no longer prosper unaided as they have in the past. Dennehy & Bouley provides essential support to our clients through aggressive public policy consulting and advocacy services engaging Republican and Democrat elected officials and leadership.

No two business models are exactly alike, and at Dennehy & Bouley, we acknowledge and embrace the individual needs of each client. We work with each client to:

  • Create pointed public policy consulting strategies for reaching the client’s legislative, regulatory and executive branch goals;
  • Help garner public support and community involvement by orchestrating media engagement, opinion leader response, and
    policymaker action;
  • Construct clear and concise plans of action; and
  • Guide the client, from plan inception to implementation, to achieve the desired results.

Whether you need help achieving regulatory relief, promoting or defeating legislation, developing a crisis management campaign, or improving your company’s profile with State Legislators and the Executive Branch, Dennehy & Bouley can make it happen.

Government Contracts and Procurement

Because federal and state governments are the largest buyers of goods and services in the world, government contract procurement has become increasingly competitive. Dennehy & Bouley supports their clients’ sales teams in overcoming the complexities of the procurement process while developing an identity as valued partners with government agencies and officials.

Through its in-depth knowledge of the procedures utilized by government agencies to evaluate and select vendors, Dennehy & Bouley provides the following services:

  • Procurement Analysis
  • Contract Leads and Bid Assistance
  • Preferred Vendor Selection and Contract Blanket Registration
  • Agency Introductions and Sales Team Support
  • Strategic Planning and Project Oriented Consulting

Grassroots Strategy and Issue Advocacy

Dennehy & Bouley is the firm organizations turn to when they need to mobilize grassroots support for their clients. Elected leaders ultimately answer to their constituents. Dennehy & Bouley draw on nearly two decades of experience persuading specific constituencies to contact their Republican and Democrat officials to bring issues to the forefront by drawing on our extensive lobbying experience to bring our clients’ definitive results.

As a result of winning campaigns at the municipal level to the White House, Dennehy & Bouley principles have built a network that is second to none on both the Republican and Democrat sides of the political spectrum. They can appeal not just based on personal relationships, but on understanding the political stakes for public officials for any given decision.

  • Any firm can generate a rush of phone calls or letters. We don’t confuse activity with action!
  • By contrast, our team identifies the key players in leaders’ electorates that agree with a client,
    educates them, and mobilizes them achieving maximum impact on those leaders’ decisions.

Dennehy & Bouley offers clients the ability to build powerful coalitions around their issues, and deploy those coalitions to bring a broad array of interests to bear on those issues. Decision-makers rarely want to help a single entity. A diverse and varied coalition almost always meets with more success.

  • The firm excels at recruiting third party, industry, and ideological allies for its clients.
    Dennehy & Bouley can identify those groups that would be sympathetic from any angle.
  • Our team leaders have strong ties to every corner of the policy world: conservative, progressive,
    issue-specific, free-market, anti-tax, environmental, and consumer groups.

Strategic Communications

Based on the extensive experience our team has developed working at the highest levels of the Legislative and Executive branches, and in national political campaigns, Dennehy & Bouley Strategic Communications practice helps our clients to achieve their advocacy objectives by creating and executing strategic communications initiatives that successfully target state, regional and national audiences. Because our practice is part of the larger Dennehy & Bouley team, we can provide clients not only stand-alone services but also unparalleled integration of the two key elements of effective public affairs representation – government relations and public relations.

Because our team has experience in the State House, a range of state agencies and the Executive Branch, we are able to develop and implement communications strategies to build awareness and support across various groups of policy-makers in favor of our clients’ advocacy goals. The strong republican majority in the state is a very favorable environment for our clients as it suits our strongest relationships very well. Our capabilities are fully scalable so that we can effectively provide our clients with a broad range of services necessary to achieve their objectives, including strategy development, earned media, paid media, internet marketing, media training, event planning and research.

  • Creative – We add value through design to bolster public relations campaigns
    with print, web and new media.
  • Strong Corporate Social Responsibility – We develop strategies and identify
    opportunities that will add value to your reputation and your bottom line.
  • Branding – We create value for you by defining your organization’s brand position,
    bring your voice to life, and deliver your messages to the intended audiences.
  • Crisis Communications – We protect your corporate and institutional reputation internally
    and externally, in difficult times, such as product safety recalls, boycotts and national disasters.

Full-Service Association Management

Professional societies, trade associations and non-profit organizations are generally driven by a core of committed volunteers. Unfortunately, as is too often the case, most members have occupations that limit the time they can spend on association duties.

Our skilled professionals provide association expertise, guidance and specialized administrative and management services. We will serve as strategic partners and be a headquarters resource for your organization. More importantly, we enable volunteers to devote their time to issues instead of administrative distractions.  Whether the need is as simple as planning an annual event, staffing a board of directors meeting, or as advanced as creating a five-year plan with new revenue-generating ideas, we have the experience to help our clients achieve their goals and maintain a strong foundation.

If you have 10,000 members or 10 members, the management structure can make or break it. Managing associations has become increasingly complex, and at Dennehy & Bouley we will handle the rapid changes taking place in professions, the economy, technology and government regulations.

Services provided:

  • Association Formation
  • Membership Development/Retention
  • Event Management
  • Strategic Planning and Leadership Development
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing
  • Website Management
  • Headquarters Infrastructure
  • Government Relations
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